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Hola Móra VI (Móri’s Hole VI)

Egill Saebjörnson (2015)

“I started working with Móri in 2001. He is a ghost. He communicates to me through a whispering inner voice. I guess he might be an imaginary friend, but his persona is as real to me as let’s say Ronald Reagan, who I only ever saw on TV, but he was real to me nevertheless.

Móri has helped me with a number of artworks already.  He often wants us to dig holes into the ground. This time, he wanted to build a little home in Berlin. Móri says that he talks to the ground, that the ground is a being. Móri originates from the Middle East and migrated to Iceland in the 1500’s. He has been living in the moorlands for the last 500 years. Móri’s name is drawn from Moore, and translate directly into English as Moory. Maybe he is related to the Moros or the Berber people of North Africa, I’m not sure. He used to wander free around the highlands of Iceland, until he decided to come to Reykjavik. Maybe he is fighting for the highlands of Iceland,  trying to protect them, from the government which has been building so many dams and laying high voltage electricity lines across the highlands? I don’t know, he never told me. He is not really the intellectual type,  more the ground- connected silent type. As a matter of fact he is now digging a hole into the ground inside his little hut, without the government of Berlin knowing it. I don’t think that he is doing any shamanistic rituals inside the hole. He is singing Billy Joel and Nirvana songs and talking to himself. Sometimes he is silent for a long time- what he is doing then I don’t know. We have done five holes together before, and this is the sixth.

We should ask Móri what his art means.  He is not educated in art,  and is shy.  Please try anyway. Have a conversation with him from inside your head. He might answer. Maybe he can tell you a lot about soil, and about the significance it has for the Earth. And, perhaps in a conversation with him you can get ideas about how to organize our lives in cooperation with the Earth.

Móri once told me that not only is he silent, but that we all are, deep inside.
Egill Sæbjörnsson

Posted April 08, 2015 in: Art by Ein Hektar

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