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Better Save Soil

Fertile soil forms the foundation of our modern societies. Although we should be doing everything we can to sustain it, when we look around us, we see a very different story.

Both political initiatives and local actions are necessary to secure the access to food and livelihoods for everyone. Measures for sustainable agriculture are already at hand, but they are often not applied – both on a small and large scale. And even if most of us live in cities, we all can do our part in saving soils all over the world.

»Better Save Soil« is the second collaboration between the IASS and the animation studio of Uli Streckenbach to raise awareness on soil issues.

Please also watch the first film »Let’s Talk about Soil« here.

Production: uhsless
Direction, Design, Animation: Uli Streckenbach, Ronny Schmidt, Robert Pohle
Music, Sounddesign: klingklangklong
Additional Effects: Dominik Grejc
Spider-Robot-Rigging: Sebastian Werner
Voice-Over: Celina Bostic

Posted September 28, 2014 in: Art by Eric Rohde

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